9 Wrapped-Up Recipes That Are as Cozy as You Are

by admin

You’re bundled up, and your food should be too.

‘Tis the season for cozy food that comforts, so here are nine recipes that epitomize the snuggly warmth of being wrapped up against the chill of fall and winter.

That cozy time of year for pigs in blankets is upon us. To clarify, I don’t necessarily mean that it’s cocktail party season where pastry-wrapped hot dog bites take center stage, accurate though that may also be. No, it is the season where we ourselves become pigs in blankets, predisposed to little else other than snuggling up with the nearest afghan, pet, or willing body, and leaning in to the spirit of hibernation preparation with whatever comfort food best pairs with the body, beverage, or binge-watching session you’ve lined up for your day on the couch.

If coziness is what you crave, why not lean in even a little harder—like almost lost between the cushions hard—with comfort foods that are themselves…blanketed? Because nothing says cozy quite like these nine recipes where your favorite foods for all moments of the day are wrapped up as snugly as you are. Note: You may be required to get up off the couch to prepare them, but they will make settling back in under a toasty blanket all the sweeter.

Classic French Onion Soup

French onion soup isn’t just #lunchgoals, it’s #goals, full-stop. Pastry isn’t the only stuff capable of doing some cozy blanketing, and yeah, I totally lead off with the recipe that employs cheese for such a purpose. A blanket of cheese. Did I mention #goals? Get our Classic French Onion Soup recipe.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

If you’re centering a party around Netflix and Chill with a BYO-Blanket kind of vibe, why not throw together a snugly-bound appetizer spread? These prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears prove that even veggies can get cozy, and mingle with the likes of bacon-wrapped dates, OG pigs in blankets, and even mini egg rolls for the full, veggies-in-a-sleeping bag approach. Get our Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus recipe.

Italian Sausage Calzone

“Parks and Recreation” fans, do you share Ben Wyatt’s assessment that calzones are “just a stunning culinary innovation?” No matter. Because when the inevitable day comes this winter where you are fit for nothing besides barely poking your face out from the hood of your full body blanket, you will need your pizza to follow suit and stop judging you. Get our Italian Sausage Calzone recipe.

Falafel Lavash Wraps

These flavorful, Middle Eastern wraps almost seem too elegant to hang out in a round up of comfort foods, but not only are they on-brand with the tucked in presentation, but they barely require one hand to eat. Get our Falafel Lavash Wraps recipe.

Breakfast Sausage and Cornflake Scotch Eggs

Ensconced. Enrobed. Cradled. Swaddled. You can basically choose your own verb here and it will never be wrong as long as sausage is the thing doing the cradling or ensconcing. I see your cheese and pastry blankets and raise you an egg contained within the loving embrace of breakfast meat. Get our Breakfast Sausage and Cornflake Scotch Eggs recipe.

Pumpkin Tortelloni with Sage and Pumpkin Seeds

It is the law of autumn that you can’t have coziness without a mention of pumpkins. (Or at least gourds.) And what are blankets without pillows? Put these ideas together and you get a dinner that is not only swoon-worthy and thematic, but provides excellent hibernation carb-loading, and is likely to impress whomever you’ve invited for cozying up. Get our Pumpkin Tortelloni with Sage and Pumpkin Seeds recipe.

Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies

The particular beauty of pot pie is that the look of the thing under the covers is less important than its character. Meanwhile, the addition of mushrooms to a classic chicken pot pie lends a little depth and earthiness. There’s a parable in there somewhere. Get our Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pies recipe.

Classic Beef Wellington

Look, it’s the granddaddy of the en croute family of foods, and its lengthy preparation is not for the faint of heart. But one could hardly assemble a lineup of blanketed foods without the pièce de résistance . Should you endeavor into the process of Beef Wellington, you might find yourself inspired to change out of your pajamas and consider setting the table for real on this one. Get our Classic Beef Wellington recipe.

Apple, Cranberry, and Cherry Galette

You know sometimes when you’ve been bundled on the couch all day, and then your bed suddenly seems too toasty and you kind of have to keep one or both feet outside of the covers to regulate? That’s kind of the idea with galette, a free-form kind of tart or pie with just a bit of tuckage. You don’t need to get a perfect circle of pie crust. You don’t even need to get a pan, really. It’s the best version of pie representative of lazy, snuggly days. Get our Apple, Cranberry, and Cherry Galette recipe.

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