5 Places to Sell Your Photos

by admin

If you’re a photography hobbyist or student and you think your shots are good enough to start sharing, a great way to maintain consistent income is by selling some shots to stock photography sites online. Getting started, here are 5 worth looking into:

  1. Alamy- There are currently more than 60 million images and videos for sale on this site, and with good reason- they give a whopping 50% royalty to photographers for each image sold. Oh, and if you’re an NYIP student? They’ll give you 100% commission on any sales you make for two years – no strings attached.
  2. Shutterstock- If you work with Shutterstock, you can still keep a copyright on the photos you upload, which means a lot to those worried about creative ownership. The average user makes up to 30% royalty when their images are sold (usually $30 maximum).
  1. iStock Photo- Most photographers only make about 15% royalty when their images are downloaded, but if a certain picture of yours gains consistent downloads and popularity that percentage can jump up to 45. However, if you sign an exclusivity contract (meaning you’ll only upload photos on iStock, no other sites), they bump that 15% minimum to somewhere between 20-45% in reciprocity.
  1. PhotoShelter- This is actually something you would integrate into your own website if you have one (if you don’t, learn to make one here).
  2. Fotolia- Photographers working with Fotolia receive an average of 20-50% royalty on their sold images- and the site also boasts their immediate deposit convenience, meaning you get that money right away.

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